FIRST Robotics



Every year, FIRST challenges over 2000 teams of young students and mentors to design and build a robot in a six-week time period. Each team is given a “kit of parts” to assist them in the building process. Each team designs their robot specifically to what they feel is important in the gam, and although the robots may look and function very differently, each FRC team must follow the same set of competition rules and build specifications.

After the FRC teams build their robots, they are attend in a series of competitions, each week getting more competitive. The FRC world championship will be in St. Louis, Missouri for the top teams to show what they are capable of.

There are many aspects to the FIRST Robotics Competition other than engineering. Not only do teams receive awards for how well their robot performs during the competitions, but FRC teams are encouraged and given awards for community outreach, Entrepreneurship, Gracious Professionalism, Safety, Website, Team Spirit, Design, Animation and Engineering.