Team 573 truly appreciates all of the time and effort contributed by our dedicated parents. We could never do this without you!


Team Fees and Uniform

Team fees are paid once per season. For our fall season, OCCRA (Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association), the fee is $50. This covers the “OCCRA t-shirt” that we wear as our uniform for these events. It also helps to cover our team entry fees and supplies for constructing the robot for this event.

To participate in FIRST, our winter season, students are required to pay a fee of $150.00. This fee includes a FIRST “pit shirt”, which is worn at all competitions. This also covers travel fees to and from district and state events. For both competitions, rookie students receive a shirt, but veteran students are expected to bring their shirts from previous years.

OCCRA t-shirts are available for parents and family members for a fee of $8. Team hoodies are available also, for $30. This includes your initials embroidered on the sleeve. Pit shirts are restricted to the team members and the mentors.

Food Guidelines

We ask all families to bring meals and snacks for the team, particularly during build season. Eating together is a great team building activity. We also need meals for the competitions. Typically a meal consists of one main dish (sandwiches, chili, mac ‘n’ cheese, etc.), one side (veggies, fruit, chips, bread), a dessert, and drinks. For build season meals there are typically 25-30 people to feed. For competitions there can be more than 40. Paper products will be provided by the team. Snacks for daily meetings are also appreciated. We ask that every family contributes either a main dish or 2  of the following – drinks, sides, dessert, or snacks.


As Catholic Schools, we recognize Lent and other Liturgical events. Much of our FIRST season falls during Lent.  Remember, meatless Fridays when providing food. 


When emails go out requesting food contributions, we will include any allergies or food intolerances so meals can be planned accordingly